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Sacred Candle Moulding
ASALHAPUJA & KAO PANSA (The Candle Festival)
First Sermon & Buddhist Lent Day at Wat Thai Nakorn Melbourne (Box Hill) was held on the 5th August 2012
Khao Phunsa or Buddhist Lent Day is a period of three lunar months
during the rainy season when monks are required to remain in one
particular place or wat (temple). Khao Phansa Day is on the first day
after the full moon of the eighth lunar month and marks the
beginning of the three-month Buddhist 'lent' period. The tradition of
Buddhist Lent or the annual three-month rains retreat known in Thai
as "Phansa". Khao Phansa means to remain in one place during the
rainy season. Phansa represents a time of renewed spiritual vigor
and Khao Phansa festival is a major Buddhism merit-making festival.
Asalha Puja Day is The day before Khao Phunsa Day . The day falls on
the full moon of the eighth lunar month. This day is also very
important in Buddhism. It was on this day that the Lord Buddha
preached His sermon to followers after attaining enlightenment.
The day is usually celebrated by merit making, listening to a monk's
sermon, and joining a candle lit procession during the night.
Thai Buddha Images for the Days of the Week
For Sundays: "Seven Days Looking" (Paang Tawai Netr )
For Mondays:  "Pacifying the Relatives" (Paang Harm Samoot)
For Tuesdays: "Realizing Nirvana" (Paang Saiyasna)
For Wednesdays: begged(Paang Oombaat)
For Thursdays: "The Meditating Buddha" (Paang Nung Samadhi)
For Fridays: the "Contemplating Buddha" (Paang Rum Peung)
For Saturdays: "Protected by the Naga King", (Paang Naga Prok)
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