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Definition: Garlic in Thai cooking is always used in its fresh state, usually minced along with other ingredients in a paste. Look for cloves that are firm, with “skin” that is tight (garlic that has green sprouts should never be purchased).

Cardamom - sweet and aromatic has a calming effect.

Clove - This is a common remedy for excessive burping; the oil of the cloves is an excellent local anesthetic; and promotes circulation.

Coriander - The leaves of coriander are stimulant and tonic. They strengthen the stomach and promote its action, relieve flatulence, increase secretion and discharge of urine and reduce fever. They act as an aphrodisiac, help in the removal of catarrhal matter and phlegm from the bronchial tubes thereby counteracting any spasmodic disorders. Coriander seeds reduce fever and promote a feeling of coolness. Coriander juice is highly beneficial in deficiencies of vitamin A, B1, B2, C and iron.

Thyme - Thyme is known as an antispasmodic.  Beneficial for bronchitis and whooping cough.  Thymol is a powerful germicide.  Apply as a compress for bee stings, insect bites, joint pain and athlete's foot.

Rosemary - In ancient times people wrapped their meat with rosemary to prevent spoilage. Rosemary is a natural preservative. Rosemary can prevent food poisoning, is a digestive aid, is a good decongestant and can kill bacteria.

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