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Thai 4 Me Starter Kits No 1. - Chef Kit

You'll will be able to cook all these recipes with this Kit

Green Curry - Exotic Thai green curry cook in coconut milk
Red Curry - Famous Thai red curry cook in coconut milk
Panang Beef - Mild Thai curry in coconut
Massaman Curry - Famous Southern Thai thick curry cooked with potatoes
Tom YumSeafood - Traditional hot and sour soup cook with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, lemon juice, tomatoes & mushrooms
Tom Kha Chicken - Chicken coconut soup with galangal, kaffir lime leaves
Thai Chicken Fried Rice - Thai style fried rice with egg and vegetables.
Thai steam fish custard - Thai traditional steam fish with curry paste and coconut cream.
This is a kit for you who want to cook authentic Thai and healthy dishes at home. Using this kit, you will make more than 8 recipes and made at home it will taste even better with our top quality ingredients. You'll be able to make all the recipes below.
Bamboo Shoots 227g x 1
Green Curry Paste 114g x 2
Red Curry Paste 114g x 2
Massaman Curry Paste 114g x 2
Tom Yum Paste 227g x 1
Rice Stick Noddle 375g x 1
Tom Ka Paste 200g x 1 
Palm Sugar 300g x 1 
Dried Red Chili 100g x 1
Oyster Sauce 300ml x 1
Fish Sauce 200ml x 1
Coconut Milk 250ml x 2 
Chicken Stock 60g x 1 
Soy Sauce 300ml x 1 
Lime x 3
Fresh Red Chili 100g x 1 
Kaffir Lime Leaves 50g 
Galangal 150g
Lemon Grass 150g
Panang Curry Paste 114g x 2
This Kit includes all these ingredients
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Chief Kit
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($90.00  Value)
Thai recipes cards
Each Kit comes with Laminated Recipe Cards with clear instruction on how to cook each Thai Dish.
Item no HABCK001
Top up Kit no. 1
Top up Kit no. 2
1. Curry paste; Green curry 114 g x 2
                        Red curry 114 g x 2
                        Massaman curry 114 g x 2
                        Panang curry 114 g  x 2
2. Coconut milk 250 ml x 4
3. Tom Yum paste 227 g x 2
4. Bamboo strip 227 x 2
$ 28.00
Item HABTU002
1. Galangal 250 g
2. Lemongrass 250 g
3. Kaffir lime leaves 50 g
4. Lime x 3(300g)
5. Fresh Thai chili 50 g
6. Tom Yum Paste 227 g x 1
7.Green curry 114 g x 2
8. Massaman curry 114 x 2
$ 28.00
Item HABTU001
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