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The Royal Kathina Ceremony (Robe Offering Ceremony)
Wat Buddha Bodhivana Monastery - East Warburton - Victoria, received the Royal Kathina Robe from His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand was held on the 24-25th November 2012

25th Nov 2012. What a wonderful day, together with a est
attendance of 1200 people it was well worth the trip to East
Warburton to celebrate the opening of the Main temple in all its
glory together with the special presentation of the robes The
Kathina is held on any convenient date within one month of the
conclusion of the three month rains retreat season (Vassa) for
the monastic order. Attending the ceremony were officials from
the Royal Thai Embassy, representatives from Team Thailand,
Thai Community and Buddhists followers from all parts of

Kathina is a Ceremony which celebrates the mutual
appreciation between the lay Buddhist community and the
monastic Sangha (community of monks). The Sangha provides
teachings of the Dhamma (Buddha's teachings) freely every day.
Thus this Kathina celebration allows lay people to express
gratitude by making donations or offering material requisites for
the Sangha. It is also known as the "Robes Offering ceremony". It
is according to Buddhist tradition, that after the Rain's retreat,
robes are offered to monks that have spent the time in the rains
on their fixed abode. If you ever chance please visit this wonderful
Temple and Itís peaceful and beautiful surrounds.
Photos taken on the Day - click to view
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The Ceremony consisted of
10.00 am     Opening Ceremony
10.30 am     Offering of Rice (Tak Bath)
11.00 am     Lunch for all participants
12.12 pm     Offering of the Royal Kathina robe
                    Chanting and Blessing
13.30 pm     Ceremony closed
Wat Buddha Bodhivana
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